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May 2007

Ubuntu is a south african term meaning "humanity to others" & UNDER THE RADAR is the first seed planted by Ubuntu Village in a effort to strengthen and uplift the human family.

UNDER THE RADAR newsletter specifically targets non-profit and grass roots organizations that serve the African-American community and in addition, have a governing board or staff of at least 50% African Americans. The intention of this newsletter is to inspire, educate & unify a community that has been historically under-represented in both for-profit & non-profit ventures.

There was a time when neighbors knew each other, and supported those in need.

There was a time when neighborhoods spoke out against negative things happening around them. There was a time when we could talk, play games that weren't plugged in, learn from each other or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch. There was a time when the elders watched the young ones grow up, and guided them to the right path. When stories of families and events and history were told over and over until they just became a part of you. There was a time that we danced and sang and enjoyed life.

The mission of the ECACollective is to foster a spirit of community within the neighborhood through social activities, traditional arts classes, support groups and educational seminars.

Mondays: "For The People" Youth Open Mic @7pm with Christylez
Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat: Capoeira Angola
Thursdays: Qi Gong
Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat: Children's Dance
Tues: Breathwork (2nd & 4th)
Thursdays: Codependents Anonymous

These are just "some' of the events happening at ECAC. Some event upcoming in May are:

Friday May 11 & May 25 @ 7pm: Spiritual Forum
Friday May 18th from 6-9pm: Crafts Circle
Saturday May 19th from 11-1: Metro Breast Feeding Village Meeting
Saturday May 19 at 7:00pm: Jam Session & Potluck

Suggestions, new ideas, ways you would like to participate, similar programs you are familiar with or any other correspondence should be sent to sylvia@ecacollective.org. You may also contact Sylvia Robinson by phone at (202) 462-2285 or by mail at 733 Euclid St. NW Washington, DC 20001.

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bum rush the boards


This tournament exposes youth to a game that requires them to think at least three moves ahead, manage the talents of each position, and size up their adversary. This is especially important for a generation of DC youth who have been made to believe that playing the pawn in life is cool. They have only been taught to move in one direction and many adults see them as dispensable players. Bum Rush the Boards dares to ask "What happens when a pawn becomes a king or a queen?" What happens when a pawn knows that he or she can be more and sees for the first time that they can ultimately be the most powerful player in the game?

Your Invited
2nd Annual Bum Rush the Boards Hip-hop Chess Tournament
Celebrating Strategic Struggle on the Birthday of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and Ho Chi Minh
Saturday May 19th, 12pm - 5pm
755 8th St. NW WDC 20001 (Chinatown)

To volunteer or participate call 202-667-1192 ask for Mr. Mazi Mutafa or DJ 2-Tone Jones

Click here to learn more about WBL INC.
Let's Scrap!
Honoring African American Scrappers on Mothers Day
by Candace J. Mickens
mothers day pics

Each month "Under The Radar" Focuses on Non profit and grass roots organizations that help preserve culture, provide opportunities for the youth, highlight social issues and make our world a better place to live. Typically I write a editorial that is intended to inspire, provide information on business issues or highlight a particular event or topic. This month I'm simply honoring the "SISTAHS THAT SCRAP" and by scrap I don't mean, kicking off the shoes and snatching off the earrings! By scrap I mean, women who as a hobby (or profession) paste newspaper clippings, magazine articles, photos, usually personal, or other memorabilia into custom-decorated albums, or scrapbooks. This hobby has grown in recent years to MEGA proportions and "Scrappers" can be found at Conventions, Retreats, Cruises and in many a living room across America.

There are groups of "African American" Scrappers that have dedicated themselves to promoting culture and diversity within the SCRAPPIN INDUSTRY. These SISTAH'S get together and scrap till the wee hours of the morning like some people play bones (umm I mean dominoes) and spades! The work they produce is awesome and I am proud to say that my blood "SISTER" is a part of this revolutionary, Story Telling, Circle of Women.

My sister, Lisa Sanford, has created close to ONE HUNDRED Scrapbook Albums! She conducts classes, speaks at conferences, has been published in many magazines and books including Chicken Soup for the Soul and she recently published her own book called "ETHNIC SCRAPPIN"! I know you must be saying "She must not have a job!" Well, my sister has 5 children (4 under the age of eleven) 1 grandchild, a husband and a professonal position at Ernst & Young! She is a inspiration to me in "TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS" and in ensuring that our memories and stories get told to future generations. Last year she surprised me with a scrap book page titled "MOTHERS DAY" (pictured above). I was moved to soul wrenching, spine shaking tears. WHY? Because I don't have any children, yet she honored my dedication to the children in the schools I speak at and my love of children and adults in general. Somehow she made a precious moment last a life time on a scrap book page. So this coming Mothers Day, 2007 I honor my sister and all her beautiful SCRAP BOOKING Friends.~I LOVE YOU! http://ethnicscrapbooking.typepad.com/

Please view the Ethnic Scrappin Website to see some awesome Scrappin!
Day-Marquette's Dance & Arts Summer Camp Intensive
dance, drama, visual art, movies, pizza parties, games, field trips and more
ailvin ailey dance

Day Marquette's Dance & Arts Camp
At First Class Dance Studios

July 9- August 17th

D.M.D.A.C.'s mission is to provide an enriching yet fun-filled summer of professional training in dance and other related art forms. We have adopted many of the classical aesthetics for training and molding young dancers into professional artist, such as: working systematically, repetition, focus and self- control. D.M.D.A.C aims to instill in each student an elevated level of discipline necessary for higher levels of achievement.

The camp is available to boys and girls ages 8-17 and will provide beginning, intermediate, and advanced level dance training along with drama and visual arts. Classes will be led by teaching artist who have trained, performed and taught with renowned institutions. A list of those institutions is: Dance Institute of Washington/Reflections Dance Company, Duke Ellington High School for the Arts, The Wolf Trap Foundation, Alvin Ailey/Fordam University, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, Dance Theater of Harlem, Pennsylvania Ballet's The Rock School, Philadanco, SUNY Purchase and The University of The Arts.

For questions and registration info contact:Mr. Datjwan M. Woodland Director/Founder (240) 350-4629 or dmdac07@gmail.com Camp location: 4590 Beach Road Temple Hills, MD Accessible by Branch Ave. Metro (Green Line)

The picture is from the PBS documentary "Free To Dance" click here for more

FREE Community Service Program

Presented by the American Bar Association Tax Section's Pro Bono and Exempt Organizations Cmtes

When: Thursday, May 10, 2007 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (reception begins at 7:15)

Where: Grand Hyatt Washington 1000 H Street, NW (10th & H), Independence Room - H & I Washington, DC 20001

Education on Web-based Tools for Nonprofits and Their Advisors

Designed for non-lawyer administrators and managers of tax exempt organizations, the workshop will focus on how to use online IRS tools that provide guidance on the exemption qualifications for non-profit status and the latest information about ongoing reporting requirements. An overview, training materials and a 'cheatsheet' primer will provide information about 501(c)(3)-potholes-to-avoid.

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Thank you for sharing in this vision to help humanity. Please forward widely and encourage people to join the "UNDER THE RADAR" list serve. If you have any questions, comments or ideas for future issues, please feel free to email us at cmickens@ubvillage.org

I, (state your name) pledge to commit three Ubuntu (humanitarian) activities in a effort to build a community that demonstrates, tolerance, mutual respect, love & a spirit of oneness.

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